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Intimate Tango Experience

Intimate Tango Experience

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Are you a Tango lover or enthusiast? Get immersed into the melancholic embrace (and hug) of Tango dance. By the hand of two pro tango dancers embedded in the scene, you will dive deep into this beautiful and sensual dance. 

Influenced by both the classical and modern styles, we will instruct you in the fundamentals of tango; you will learn the core of its philosophy and techniques, and discover local, intimate milongas and tango parlors where all the magic and mystery of tango gathers.

In this experience, you decide the learning pace. We can start from the basics and main steps, or you can go beyond and improve your dancing skills. All kinds of people are welcomed, with or without prior experience in tango. 

As a diverse team, we can show you both the masculine and feminine roles in tango, which, in recent times, have become equal and complementary to each other. You can also participate in local milongas, dance among locals, and discover all the intimacies of Argentine Tango.

Come and join us in the tango embrace! 

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