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Experience Recoleta in Buenos Aires: The little Paris City

Experience Recoleta in Buenos Aires: The little Paris City

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Have you ever think about Discover the elegance of Recoleta, a Buenos Aires gem showcasing iconic landmarks like Libertador Avenue, Francia Square, and the esteemed UBA Law School. But that's not all – the crown jewel is the enigmatic Recoleta Cemetery, a resting place for history, art, and eerie tales. Here, the likes of Eva Perón rest among five thousand graves, each with its own story.

In the late 19th century, Buenos Aires became the "Paris of South America" amid a wave of European immigration. The French influence in Recoleta thrived, with the elite fluent in both French and Spanish. This legacy is evident in opulent residences, squares, and Charles Thays-designed parks. While exploring this historic neighborhood, you'll discover classic attractions like Alvear Avenue, "Cafe La Biela," France Square, The Museum of Fine Arts, and the Public Law University.

Don't miss the essential visit to Recoleta Cemetery, where around five thousand graves conceal art, history, and eerie tales, featuring iconic figures such as Eva Perón, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Raul Alfonsin, and more. Join us on a unique tour, and let us guide you through these hidden treasures!

Meeting point: Faculty Law

¿What we include? Entrance tickets to the Recoleta Cemetery and snacks such as mate and alfajores, medialunas or other delicious and argentinian food.

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