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Discover Recoleta, Buenos Aires' little Paris

Discover Recoleta, Buenos Aires' little Paris

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Buenos Aires became a prestigious city towards the end of the 19th century, being
baptized as "the Paris of South America". At a time when millions of European immigrants
entered to our country. In Recoleta, French culture above all, reached its maximum splendor at that time when the upper classes of Buenos Aires spoke French as well as Spanish.

As we walk along this neighborhood, we will find different classic attractions of this
area, such as: Alvear Avenue, “Cafe La Biela”, France Square, The Museum of Fine Arts, the Public Law University, and many more things to discover.

Of course, it is a “must” to visit the world-famous Recoleta Cemetery. While visiting this place, you will witness a plethora of art, history and spooky tales on every single grave. Iconic Argentinians and former residents rest in this place, such as: Eva Peron, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Raul Alfonsin, and many more. Just imagine that there are five thousand graves!

Join us and enjoy a unique tour.

What we also include:
Entrance tickets to the Recoleta Cemetery + snacks (empanadas, toast or choripan) at traditional BA Cafe
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