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Downtown BA Historic Walk

Downtown BA Historic Walk

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🏛️ Explore the rich history of Buenos Aires' Montserrat neighborhood with Experience Baires! 🇦🇷


⭐ Formally established in 1972, Montserrat is nestled in the heart of the historic center of the city, boasting iconic landmarks like Av. de Mayo, the Cabildo, Casa Rosada, and the Plaza de Mayo. But its roots run even deeper, back to June 11, 1580, when Juan de Garay and settlers from Asunción and Santa Fe founded Trinidad, the precursor to modern-day Buenos Aires.

Join us for a historic walk through Montserrat as we trace the city's colonial past and journey through its evolution into one of the most cosmopolitan metropolises in the Americas.

🗺️ Itinerary

📍 Meeting Point: Parroquia San Ignacio (locate on map)

Starting Times: 10:30 AM or 4:00 PM

Duration: 2 hours

What's Included:

  • Guided tour led by knowledgeable locals
  • Traditional Argentine meal, featuring empanadas, choripan, or another typical dish

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Ready to uncover the secrets of Montserrat? Book your tour now and let us guide you through this fascinating neighborhood!

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